The Dawn Isles

A Chase! Catching the assassin

The hazardous streets of Karak Tôr

Wance had fallen in battle, but came face to face with his god, Eron. Eron expressed some disappointment in him, but encouraged him to embrace the good he sees in him. He then sends him back to life.

After dealing with the Emerald Style in…. style, the Diamond Dogs tie up the surviving members. As they are doing so, the main doors open, revealing Olivia Hornwick, with a tied-up guard over her shoulders, knife in hand. She greets them, and the Dogs recognize the guard as the same one that lured them in here.

Olivia tells them she was on her way to meet Hanaril, and that she’ll take care of the prisoners if they chase after him.

They take off, Shou and Konstrukt in front, and find the would-be assassin skulking around the alleyways. He turns and flees from them, leading to a chase down the streets.

An eventful chase ensues, with panes of glass, carts of apples, haywire robots and unfortunate guards. Eventually, Shou manages to overtake him, slash at his legs, and subduing him with a kick. It ends with Hanaril unwittingly tripping a dwarf carrying a bucket of manure, giving him the Full Biff.


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