The Dawn Isles

Ambushes and Curses

The Hexed, The Pertified and The Undead

Jaqueline, the Witch Doctor of Boghub, has shown a keen interest in Garûk. So keen in fact, she wanted to trade her vote in the Coven in order to properly examine his unique curse.

She laid him down on a table, and went to work making a ritual. Soon Garûk drifted off, eventually staring straight into the face of a middle-aged woman with jet-black hair and a crimson hood draped over her head.

Jaqueline saw her too, and realized this was powerful blood magic. She has now started researching his particular curse, trying to find a way to undo it that doesn’t involve the blood it was made from. She gave him a prescription for a potion that will silence the voices for a time, with 5 uses.

After that, they headed out to search for the missing cart of wool that Bellatrix is missing. They head down the road south-west of Boghub, where it was supposed to come from. They trek through the swamp, not encountering much of note, before seeing a still figure up ahead.

They approach carefully, discovering that it’s a stone statue of a dragonborn warrior, mid-sword swing. Next to him is a cart with a broken wheel, and ripped-open packs of unprocessed wool.

Looking around, they find a scared halfling sheep farmer named Lassiter Cliffstead hiding in a tree trunk. He was attacked by “swamp lizard monsters”, and hid here, while his mercenary guard fought them, but got turned to stone. They took off with some of the wool, his food, and his horse.

After a few unsuccessful tries at repairing the cart, they instead fashion a trolley/wheelbarrow of the remaining parts, to drag the petrified sellsword back to town.

On the way there, they were ambushed by a towering ogre zombie and it’s lackeys. But Wance stopped it in it’s track, letting his friends pick off the lesser zombies in style, before they all consentrated their blows on the hulking mass of dead flesh, disolving it in acid.


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