The Dawn Isles

March through the Marshes

The Green Dragon set the Diamond Dogs down at the edge of the Marshlands, explaining that she can’t go further because of the cursed nature of the lands. She had long been at odds with the witches here, but eventually settled into an uneasy understanding where they kept their influence to their area.
Of course, in the nature dragon’s absence, the marshes have grown considerably bigger and more dangerous. She wants to deal with this, but first she has to make sure her home forests are pure and safe, and she needs to grow back to full strength. She then took off back north.

After a quick discussion, the heroes decide that they would take the risk and hurry through the marshes in order to make it to Boghub before dark, rather than going more carefully, and spending a night there.

They move quickly along the road, going deeper and deeper into the marsh. Soon, the sun disappears behind grey clouds and thick forest, and the environment gets more and more wet and unfriendly. Garûk and Wance both feel death all around them.

After a while, they come to a bridge over a river. It’s guarded by a group of pale, smooth-skinned goblins with long ears. Their leader waves them forward, and Isaac and Wance approaches.

He asks them for 20 gold per person in toll, but Isaac (unwittingly) casts Charm Person, and manages to get by with only 1 gold piece each. He pays the toll, and the goblins let them pass happily.

After further travel, everyone suddenly realises that they’re alone, off the path, in a dense grey fog. They call out for each other, but can only hear faint noises, impossible to pinpoint.

Konstrukt finds back to the path first, and manages to find Isaac due to his magical light spell. Shou also finds the path, and together they device a use for Shous magical rope, using it to fish through the fog, leading Wance to them. Garûk gets more lost, wading into the swamp, but manages to use the Green Dragon’s magical tattoo to guide him back to his friends.

After a long trek, and watching the darkness fall around them, they finally see Boghub in the distance. They wander through the empty town, and walk into the lively tavern, simply called The Hub.


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