The Dawn Isles

Old Friends Return

Hey! Remember that time I charmed you? Good times.

After recovingering from their dreadful spider experience, the Diamond Dogs continue towards the cart to slay a basilisk.

On their way, they see through the fog a familiar sight: A pack of Boglins, lead by a larger one with a crocodile skull for a helmet, all guarding a bridge.
Isaac, unaware that he used a spell to charm him the last time, immediately casts the same spell again, charming their boss yet again. They have a polite conversation, but this time his cronies are onto it, and fire an arrow straight into Isaac.

A melee ensues, where Wance uses his new magic javelin to great effect, taking out three goblins in one fell blow. Isaac takes a couple of heavy hits from the hubboglin boss, but they manage to catch him as he tries to run away as the lone survivor.

Shaking him down, they find a nice stash of gold, as well as a ring. They interrogate him about the monkey they’re seeking, but he says little of value. Eventually, they let him go, defeated soundly.

They go back on the trail, eventually finding the left-overs from the discarded wagon. They track through the swamp for the attackers, finding a hill in the fog, where Konstrukts keen eyes spot some lizard-like creatures moving around on top…


hermanlilleng hermanlilleng

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