The Dawn Isles

Resolution! Shaking things up in Karak Tôr

The council unseated and the dragon's head recovered

After catching up to, and catching, Hanaril, the Diamond Dogs brought him to the city guard. Ironblood interrogated him, and got him to confess to the entire assassination plot!

He claimed sole responsibility, saying it was because he secretly has hated dwarfs ever since he was a prisoner.

Olivia Hornwick and Captain Undin of the Royal Guard were both sceptical, suspecting he was working on behalf of the council themselves. Unfortunately they didn’t have any evidence, and due to the very public arrest of Hanaril, they would have to launch a big investigation now, or risk evidence being destroyed.

The king looked to the Dogs, and they asserted to him that suspending the council members for a full investigation was the way to go. Ironblood sprung into action, and took his best men to the castle to detain the council members and secure evidence.

Olivia thanked the Dogs for all their help with this case, and gave them a feather shaped like a dagger. She told them to give it to someone in-the-know in a major city, and they would get help from The Daggers.

Afterwards, they headed up to King Olmek, who had some rewards for their service (as is the custom in all the adventures he reads).

  • For Isaac: Ornate Tinkerer’s Tools
  • For Garûk: The Rushield
  • For Wance: The Lightning Bolt
  • For Konstrukt: A Bag of Holding
  • For Shou: A Rope of Climbing

The King asked them for advice for who should serve on the interrim council during the investigation. The Dogs suggested Agnes Thunderblade, who had already had a fruitful meeting with the king, as well as Captain Ironblood.

After saying goodbye to the King, they went to the cathedral of Duvané, to give Corinne and Agnes the good news. They seemed very happy, and Corinne finally awarded you with the Green Dragon’s head that was hanging in her office.

Our heroes took the head out of the city and into a clearing in the nearby woods, set it on the ground, and used one of Pinecone’s vine grenades to destroy it. Immediately, a breeze picked up, and flowers sprung from the spot.

And then, the heroes noticed two figures sneaking through the woods behind them…


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