The Dawn Isles

Resurrection and a New Quest

How To Grow Your Dragon

After the Diamond Dogs destroyed the dragon’s head the got from Corinne, flowers appeared on the ground, and a wind picked up. Then, they noticed two shadows skulking behind them.

As they drew nearer, big vines started growing in a circle around our heroes. The shadows, now clear as the orc brothers from the Circus of Wonders, start sprinting, but a quick dart from Shou makes sure they don’t make it into the ring.

After the vines close them in, a huge flower starts growing in the center. When the petals peel out, a woman with red hair and in green clothes stands there, looking at them with the same deep stare as Pinecone had.

She explains that she is indeed the Green Dragon, now fully reborn rather than stuck in a childish form. Then she transforms to her true dragon form, a mighty dragon with deep green scales, moss growing in corners, and might buck horns sticking out from it’s head.

The heroes climb up, and the dragon takes flight, soaring over the forests to a huge oak tree, with an enourmous nest in it’s crown. There she lands, and lets them eat and rest for the night. The dragon also tells them that they need the help of the Diamond Dogs to make sure the other 7 dragons are reborn, one way or another.

The next morning, she flies them towards the Marshlands in the south-east, where the heroes will seek guidance from the witch coven of Boghub.


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