The Dawn Isles

Rumble in the Warehouse

The Emerald Style ground to dust

The taskforce made up of the Diamond Dogs, Olivia Hornwick of The Daggers, Captain Ironblood and Captain Undin have all gathered to ponder how to deal with Hanaril, the man behind the assassination plot.

After a long silence and deep thought, they decide to continue investigating the guards, trying to root out who is working for him.

The Dogs are free to go, so they decide to check in on Corinne. On the way there they are stopped by a city guard, who tells them the Captain has discovered something. She leads them into a warehouse, only to shut the door behind them.

Inside, the Emerald Style are waiting for them, saying they’ve been paid good money to kill them here. The Diamond Dogs quickly spring into action, jumping between stacks of crates while battling these douchy Free-Lancers.

Their leader, Curtis Tanner, quickly gets dispatched by Wance using one of the Vine Grenades given by Pinecone, leaving only a puddle of blood and a cowboy hat.

Shou faces off with Wynn, the halfling barbarian, deftly dodging swipe after swipe of her greataxe, before delivering a flurry of slashes and blows, knocking her out (and across the room).

Konstrukt sneaks around the back of the enemy group, filling them with arrows and then closing in to slash them with his rapier.

Isaac faces off in a magic battle against Armand Thoran, the warlock puppet-man. Armands spells cause trouble for the whole group, but a well placed chromatic orb and witch bolt quickly cut him down to size, before finishing him off with his classic bonfire.
He also managed to topple a pile of crates on a wounded Jackifer Guildoré, knocking him out.

Garûk gets constricted early in the fight, by stone spikes summoned by Granite, and a nasty sleep spell from Armand. When he gets back up he makes a tremendous leap from a pile of crates, before scurrying up the ladder and chasing down a terrified Granite, taking a stone chunk out of him and forcing him to surrender.


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