The Dawn Isles



After dealing with the zombie ambush, the Diamond Dogs finish escorting Lassiter Cliffstead and his stone bodyguard to Boghub. They bring them both to Bellatrix, the fashion witch that sent them out to find them in the first place.

She talks to Lassiter and examines the Dragonborn sellsword, and determine that a basilisk was the monster that petrified him. It was apparently the pet of some sort of lizardmen or troglodytes that attacked the wagon.

They talk to Conrad, the alchemist. He can make a salve to rescue the mercenary, but he’ll need parts from a basilisk to do it.

Next stop is Arianella, to find out how to defeat a basilisk. She explains that the petrifying gaze works with mutual eye contact, so they need guard their eyes. She also said she heard a story about a hero that used a mirror to trick the basilisk into turning itself into stone.

The next morning, they prepare to find the basilisk, the missing wool, and maybe a barb-tailed swamp monkey at the same time. At breakfast, they see what looks to be a fellow adventurer, eating breakfast while studying a scroll, referencing one book and making notes in the other.

He introduces himself as Seeker Hastings, from the Librarium. He has traveled here to research a sunken temple to Ulena, goddess of the moon, hoping to find valuable books or artifacts. He found the temple, but he was attacked by a two-headed snake at the entrance, getting poisoned. He has been helped here, but for a true antidote, Conrad will need the blood of the swamp monkey.

After that, they head out back down south. On the way back to where they found the cart, spiders suddenly started swarming out of the trees. The Dogs suffered through a long, drawn out, fight, but eventually triumphed by cleverly using torches. But not before they managed to take down Wance.

They settled down to rest, having stabilized Wance, and recover.


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