The Dawn Isles

Zombies and Goblins and Witches and Jazz

Getting to know The Hub

After their trek through the treacherous marshlands, the Diamond Dogs finally arrive in Boghub, and to the tavern there, The Hub.

The tavern is very lively, with music, gambling, drinking, dancing and other more-or-less debaucherous activities. Behind the counter there’s a row of zombies, serving drinks and making jokes at the patrons. This, of course, unnerves Wance, sworn enemy of the undead.

He cautiously approaches the closest one, that greets him and takes his drink orders. A brief, tense conversation reveals that they aren’t malicious, kept under control of Madame Hekla, the proprietor of the tavern.

Madame Hekla, he says, is one of the 7 witches that run Boghub. The Dogs aren’t the first to come asking for a prophecy from the witches, so he explains the deal:
The witches meet convene every full moon, and one of the things they discuss is if anyone is allowed to see The Crone, and get a vision. So they will need to convince the majority of the Coven that they are worthy of receiving such a gift.

He asks if they want to check into some rooms, but Wance is uncomfortable sleeping in a zombie den, so he tries to find somewhere else to sleep, but for naught. He returns to The Hub and checks in with the rest.


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