Corinne Moongazer

Archpriest of Duvane, Elder Caregiver, and Chosen Daughter of the Matron


Corinne Moongazer was a young priestess during the Sundering, who is credited with helping human refugees around Karak Tôr escaping the battlefield, and housing them within the city. She also made sure peace was kept between the humans and the rest of the city.

For her efforts, she was granted a new huge cathedral by the King of Karak Tôr, and gifts and gratitudes from the remaining human nobles, including General Ceol.

When the Diamond Dogs went to the cathedral, they discovered that Corinne Moongazer was still alive and running the church, making her well over 100 years old! Though she certainly doesn’t look it. She has short, silver-white hair, some wrinkles, but still a healthy look and a sharp glint in her eyes, paired with a gentle, warm smile.

Wance feels her divine energy like sitting down at a warm campfire after going through a storm.

She is now Archpriest of Duvane, Elder Caregiver, and Chosen Daughter of the Matron. She is working with the Flint clan to overthrow the SIlverbrand king, to restore balance to the city. She is working with her compatroit and bodyguard, Agnes Thunderblade.

Corinne has the head of the Green Dragon in her office, as a reminder to never turn to extremes.


Corinne Moongazer

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