Garûk Li-Fan


Borne of a divisive marriage between a powerful lord of Mulan and an Orc chieftain, in order to unite two long-warring factions.

Shunned by Mulan high society from a young age, Garûk was treated as a freak and a symbol of his Mulanese father’s “failure” to crush the local Orc threat. He was cursed as a child by a vindictive apprentice Crimson Robe with hearing the voices of the dead.

After his Orc mother was eventually driven out of Mulan high society, Garûk and his father withdrew and remained unseen within the walls of the family keep for many years. During this time, Garûk underwent intense martial training to help channel and control his Orcish temper. His privileged upbringing has also rendered him surprisingly eloquent and educated.

After the recent death of his father, Garûk snuck out of the family keep one dawn and has been wandering the world ever since, searching for acceptance and a cure for his curse.

He wears a simple bone necklace; a scrimshawed hand – his Orc mother’s tribal symbol – modified with a painted eye at its centre, from his father’s house sigil. This was a gift when Garûk was born, and is meant to symbolise a new beginning for both groups after decades of bloody feuding.


Garûk Li-Fan

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