Isaac Volta


Isaac’s life never quite unfolded the way he had hoped. Abandoned by his mother after the death of his father, he was placed in the care of Cloudgazer City’s Artisan Guild, where he was trained as a repair and maintenance worker.

Growing up with a disdain for the magical and fascinated with the mechanical, Isaac believes he can make the world a better place by creating inventions devoid of the crutch of magic. Affordable technology for the common folk. And lots and lots of gold and fame for Isaac.

Isaac’s career as a world-renowned inventor hit a bit of a snag, as his somewhat unstable, yet possibly revolutionary contraptions only ever seem to work for him.

Isaac’s actually paying career as a Cloudgazer maintenance worker hit a bit of a snag when he used his an unauthorized invention of his for a routine repair job, and subsequently blew up the Merchant Quarters primary waste conduit, flooding a sizeable portion of the biggest economic sector of the city.

Now, without a job and a positive gold income, Isaac sets out as an apprentice of the world, looking to acquire the knowledge to realize his dream.


Isaac Volta

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