Warforged Rogue


KONSTЯUKT was discovered by a group of adventurers in the abandoned dark wizard tower in Dragon’s Jaw. A place torn apart by magic.
By removing a hellish blue crystal from pedestal the adventurers adventurers accidentally activated KONSTЯUKT. The sudden noise of KONSTЯUKT’s boot sequence frightened the adventures causing them to quickly flee the tower. During their hastened departure the adventurers dropped the crystal which freed KONSTЯUKT from, what it looked like, an eternal sleep.
After KONSTЯUKT was fully started up the tower was empty again. No life form, other than KONSTЯUKT, around.
Having his memory wiped, KONSTЯUKT has no idea about his past. While searching through the tower for information he came by various designs of mechanical soldiers and workers, and one special new unnamed construction resembling himself. A design dated hundreds of years ago. A lot of focus of the design went into making the construction move like the shadows. (Or at least, as much as you can make a large mechanical automaton made of metal, stone and wood move like that.)
KONSTЯUKT started to research all documents extensively. Often the name Zoltan Istvan popped up. Could this be his creator? KONSTЯUKT created a huge interested in the skilled art of roguery.
After years of studying and waiting he decided to head into the world to explore it, becoming the best rogue (and human leg collector†) in the world. And maybe find out more about Zoltan Istvan. Taking with him the blue crystal which brought him to life, and he oddly named “Wilson”.

†) None of the documents he studied spoke about humans or their biology. KONSTЯUKT just thinks this weak and petty design of a limb makes a nice collectors item.


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