The Green Dragon

Pinecone / Blossom


The Green Dragon has been known by many names. The Boy in Green, Pixie, Leafdweller, Forest Child, Petal, Oak Guardian, Nester, Blossom, and so on. When they first appeared, they asked our heroes to call them Pinecone.

He appeared in the middle of our heroes in the form of a young boy, and joined the conversation. That naturally startled them, but he was only smiling and adressing them.

To each of them he hinted at deep secrets only they know, or that not even they know.

He told them he’s the Green Dragon reincarnate, the Protector of Nature. But that he’s trapped in this young body, because the head of the old Green Dragon is kept as a trophy somewhere within Karak Tôr.
He has asked our heroes to find and destroy that head, so that he may return to his true form. Otherwise, the other 7 dragons will grow more and more in power, bringing unbalance to the world.

After they found and destroyed the head, the Dragon appeared before them, this time in the form of an adult woman with flowing red hair, white flowers braided into it. She thanked them, and transformed into her draconic form, flying them all back to her nest.

There she gave them an even bigger task. Her absence has created an imbalance that has cause the other 7 dragons to grow too powerful, corrupting them in the process. She has asked their help in making sure they are all reborn like she was.

The dragon gave all the Diamond Dogs (except Isaac) a tattoo. It can be used to help guide them through nature, or to help sense if someone nearby is powerful enough to be a dragon in disguise.


The Green Dragon

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