The Dawn Isles

The Kingsday
You come at the King...

After breaking in to the Flint office, the Diamond Dogs retreat and go to the Runebrand villa to get a good night’s rest before the big day.

Lord Runebrand welcomes them with open arms and delicious food, and is impressed by the vague implication that they’re working on a secret mission for the king.

They are shown to their very nice, individual bedrooms, but soon hear a knock on the door. It’s Orry, gathering them in the hallway. He seems very upset that they didn’t meet him in the castle to carry out any of the plans they discussed, but is dissuaded when he learns they’re trying to stop an assassination of the king.

When they wake the next day, everyone is getting ready for Kingsday, dressing up in their finest traditional clothing. They decide to split in two, one group going to the Dragon’s Head, the other to the speech at the main square, accompanied by the Runebrands.

Olivia intercepted both groups on the way, coordinating with them, making sure they signal her if anything is amiss. She will also appear at the square, in disguise. She also mentions she hasn’t discovered anything about the Filnts last night. they’re up to something, but doesn’t look like a murder, more like a plot.

Once at the Dragon’s Head, they order drinks, and as soon as they mention they have booked the room on the third floor, she gives them the key, saying “anything to serve the crown”.

In the room, they find something in-between a huge crossbow and a small ballista. It’s mounted on a sturdy pole in the middle of the room, and has a mark from the Fellowship of the Tide on it. They also find a letter, telling them to take the shot as soon as the speech has started. A scapegoat would come along shortly, make sure all evidence points to them. Also, they are being watched.

Konstrukt ducks out sneakily, and goes to the rest on the square, telling them about the situation. They decide to go there and surround the square in front of the pub, keeping a lookout for anyone watching them.

They set up there, and then the speech starts. After waiting for a while, Dame Gwynneth Flint appears in the room, and is very startled and confused. She was supposed to get a tip for how to take down the Silverbrands here, instead she finds the guys that were supposed to help her, but instead broke into their office. They start shouting at each other, but finally get established that there’s an assassination plot, and that she was being set up.

Right then, Garûk spots someone aiming an arrow off the balcony next to the crew. He immediately draws his short bow, and makes a miraculous shot on the arrow itself, knocking it away. He then whistles the signal to Olivia, and guards take the king to safety. Isaac tries to look inside the neighboring room, but can’t see anyone from the balcony. Then they hear a crash of glass, and Wance sees someone jump from that building and into the next. He tries the back door and then the front of this cheese shop, but both are locked. Then Garûk comes cannonballing through the glass part of the door, through the counter, and up the stairs, just in time to see a magic circle burned into the floor, purple smoke coming from it.

So close…

Breaking and Entering, Bluffing and stuffing
Ocean's Five

Suspicious of the Flints, the Diamond Dogs decide to search for clues in the Flint office and abode, while Olivia stalks them.

They show up to the Flint warehouse, and find the stairs up around the back. Shou and Konstrukt go up, while the rest keep watch downstairs.

Konstrukt tries to pick the lock, but is unable to, so they try a crowbar instead. That opens the door, but not without taking a chunk out of it and making a loud noise.

This causes a dockworker to appear. Isaac tries to destroy a crate in order to give a source of the noise, but he’s too late, and the worker sees him doing it. Luckily, he manages to quick-talk the guy enough into confusing him, making him get his manager.

Meanwhile upstairs, the sneak team is rooting through the main office, of Lord and Dame Flint. They quickly locate a hidden safe, and Konstrukt manages to pick the lock with ease. But inside there’s no evidence of any planned assassination, just some important documents and a nice ring. They take the ring.

The manager appears downstairs, and he is less convinced by the unlikely story that Isaac is an adopted Silverbrand, and goes off to get the city guard. He leaves the dockworker to watch them.

Upstairs there’s only the living quarters of the Flints, and nothing seems out of the ordinary here either.

While Isaac distracts the worker with his world-class babble, Garûk sneaks around behind him and knocks him out, and proceeds to hide him in a barrell. The others come out, and they all make a hasty retreat.

Coup d'Etat
A clandestine meeting

After dispatching of the Wraith of Grawth assassin in the alleyway, the Diamond Dogs decided that the best way to dispose of the bodies, was to set them on fire. After doing so, they almost managed to sneak away without detection, but Konstrukt was noticed fleeing the scene.

Afterwards the gang headed to the Cathedral of Duvané, where a meeting was taking place. It was lead by Corinne Moongazer, flanked as always by Agnes Thunderblade. There was also the rude dwarf from last night, introduced as Content Not Found: lord-daruis-flint. With him was his wife, Dame Gwynneth Flint. At the end of the table was the somber, youngest son of the Runebrands, Orry Runebrand.

They went over the situation: They feel like the city has been mismanaged, and that in order to take care of the needs of the people, the king and his council has to be disposed. Faith in the king is shaky right now, but their sources say the speech written for Kingsday is very potent, and will unite the people of Karak Tôr under him.

They want the DDs to help in two ways: Find the written speech and sabotage it, and/or find evidence of corruption between the crown and the Silverbrands personal company.

Dame Gwynneth suggested it would be convenient if he suffers an accident, but the rest of the meeting didn’t seem to agree, preferring a pacifist approach.

Afterwards the group conferred with Corinne, trying to root out if the Flints could be behind the assassination plot, but she was unsure.

They then went on to meet Olivia Hornwick. She was at the newspaper offices, talking to the editor. They explained what happened and mentioned their suspicions of the Flint clan. She offered to tail the Flints, while the crew searches their office.

Bastard Assassin

After sleeping in the Free-Lancers Guild, the Diamond Dogs woke up and had breakfast with Olivia Hornwick (eggs made expertly by Lennart, the floating orb).

She has found out that the assassination is an open call, and that any interested parties should go to the alleyway behind the butchery The Meating Place at midday. The Dogs decide to go there and pose as assassins, as she suggests.

They go through the market, and Isaac picks up a disguise kit, and they sell the cane-rapier they took from Girax, the circus ring leader.

When they arrive at the alley, they see the dead body of an elf, suspended upside down, dripping fresh blood on the ground. Further in there’s a guy with black robes and bandages, and a tattoo over his eye, with a knife dripping into his eye.

The guy told them to scram, this was his job, but that changed once he recognized Shou as the “mute fuck” from his temple. He then claimed he was gonna bring Shous head back, to be the big man on campus.

He attacked the Dogs, but they quickly managed to surround him, and overwhelm him until Konstrukt struck the final blow. Shou took his weapons, a pair of bladed Tonfa, that he can spin around to slash and stab, or use them to block.

After they dealt with him, an arrow fell from above with a note attached. It told them to be at a reserved room at The Dragons Head on the third floor, in exactly 24 hours. Their target would then reveal itself.

Holy Mother! The dragon's head!
The two daughters of Duvané

The Diamond Dogs arrived late at night to the cathedral of Duvané in Karak Tôr. There, they were met by the stern paladin from the procession earlier that day, who introduced herself as Agnes Thunderblade. They convinced her to let them in, to meet with Corinne Moongazer.

While waiting to meet her, a dwarf with a short-cropped beard exited the cathedral. He ignored the Diamond Dogs.

Finally, they were invited in to Corinne’s office, and there, they spotted the head of the Green Dragon! It is mounted on the wall.

They decided to play it honest, and told Corinne Moongazer about their quest from Pinecone to destroy the head, and how his partial reincarnation has caused an unbalance among the other dragons. Corinne mentioned she met the Green Dragon once, and that she liked him, but that she was sceptical to the destruction of the head. After all, they had not seen any effects of this, and the world seemed better and better since the war.

Agnes reminded her of Duvanés creed of balance and order, and Corinne finally agreed, but only if the Dogs help her first. They are trying to restore balance too, but to the city. They feel the Silverbrands have driven the city slowly into the ground by using the crown to personal gain, and has now run the economy dry. They are working with Lord Flint to find a way to overthrow the King.

When asked about the potential assassination, she was shocked, and assured the DDs that they wanted a peaceful transition. They think the Flints have the same idea, but will check with them the next day, when the Diamond Dogs also will get their assignement.

Due to this plot, the Dogs decided to spend the night at the Free-Lancers Guild rather than with the Runebrands.

Digging through the Archives

After impressing young King Lomec Silverbrand I with their adventures, the Diamond Dogs were granted access to the Royal Archives in the castle. Pirlowe Runebrand and Lord Kober Oakhide-Silverbrand escored them there.

Once there, they started researching the Green Dragon. They confirmed it was slain during The Sundering, by Lieutenant Lania Carlo, of the White Sun Empire. They eventually found a book profiling her, and it posited that most of the honor was taken by her superiors, including one General Ceol.

They also read up on Karak Tôrs role in the war. The city became a refuge for plenty of non-humans escaping war and prosecution, but it also housed many humans whose homes had become battlegrounds.

A young Duvané priest named Corinne Moongazer was the one who organized the refugee effort, and who made sure peace was kept between the humans and the rest. At the end of the war, both the king of Karak Tôr and the surviving human lords were grateful to Moongazer, and bestowed her with gifts. One of the lords mentioned expressing their gratitude was General Ceol of the White Sun.

Additionally, some people took the time to research some personal matters:
-Garûk found a book on similar curses, and found out that the surest way to lift the curse is to kill the one who placed it
-Konstrukt found that Zoltan Istvan was listed as “Whereabouts unknown”, and that he had been unaccounted for for some time.

Afterwards, they left the archives, and bid farewell to Lord Kober and Pirlowe. They headed across town to the Duvané cathedral. When they arrived, the stern-looking paladin from the procession earlier in the day was standing in the entrance, staring at them with fire in her eyes…

Meeting the Old Lord and the Young King
Big places and friendly faces

Today the Diamond Dogs went to the Runebrand villa in Karak Tôr. They met Lord Orlowe Runebrand III, and his other sons, Pirlowe, Derlowe and Orry.

They had a splendid meal, and learned more about the Runebrands history, and listened to a story about the Green Dragon. They also learned about the king of Karak Tôr, his council, and the rival clan of the SIlverbrands and Runebrands; The Flints.

Furthermore, they found out that there’s a Kingsday in two days, where King Lomec Silverbrand I will appear in a parade and speak at the square, for his first time at a “respectable” age.

Afterwards, Pirlowe guides them in to the castle itself, and the DDs saw the council:

-Lord Daredun Silverbrand, Council of Mining & Culture

-Dame Nalya Silverbrand, Council of Import, Export & Support

-Lord Kober Oakhide-Silverbrand, Council of Law & War

-Dame Brey," The Silver Mask", Council of Interior Affairs

Pirlowe introduced them to Lord Kober, who will help them access the castle archives. On their way, the ran into King Lomec himself in the royal gardens, who was very excited to meet some real life adventurers.

Arrival at Karak Tôr

Today, the Diamond Dogs arrived in the city called Karak Tôr. After exploring and looking around in the cavernous city, they headed to the Free-Lancers Guild.

There they saw a bunch of curious-looking adventurers, hanging out. They talked to the minotaur behind the desk, and registered themselves to be proper Free-Lancers!
While registering they were interrupted by a group returning from a job, calling themselves The Emerald Style.

After registering and getting their badges, they asked the minotaur about the dragon head they are looking for, and he gave them some directions. Then they were interrupted by a dwarf enjoying a drink at the bar.

The dwarf told them he had a lead, and guided them to a back room. There, he quickly turned and accused them of being hired assassins. After a quick scuffle, he was convinced, and revealed himself to be Olivia Hornwick, agent of the Daggers.
She asked the Diamond Dogs to help her root out the assassins, by figuring out who the target might be.

After that, they headed to the directions the minotaur gave them, only to find it was a pub called The Dragon’s Head. They investigated it, but got nowhere, and considered burning it down.

Garûk shook some sense into them, and they continued on towards the Runebrand villa. They were interrupted by a prosession from the Church of Duvané, led by a paladin that was bursting with divine energy.

Dryad Trials
Well this was awkward

After being confused by the young boy calling himself Pinecone, the Diamond Dogs went on towards Karak Tôr.

When camping in the woods, they were assaulted by two Dryads, that managed to charm Isaac and Garûk, but Wance managed to keep them in check while Shou and Konstrukt dispatched the Dryads.

The next morning, Pinecone appeared, saying he had checked them out more, and tested them a bit. He gave them three Acorns, that can be thrown to envelop something in vines, and then crush it if the thrower closes their fist.

Departing to Karak Tôr
A new.... friend?

After discussing among themselves, and checking around town, our heroes decide that they should go to Karak Tôr next. They want to be proper adventurers, and they will register to be Free-Lancers.

They talk to Barlowe, who is in high spirits. He tells them that his clan has lived there for around a century, with their cousin clan, the Silverbrands. They are the ruling family in Karak Tôr, but lately things have been tense, politically speaking.
He seemed concerned, both about the Church of Duvané, and about the “treacherous, conniving” Flint clan.

Barlowe has already sent a letter to his father in Karak Tôr about their virtues, and will send another telling him to expect them.

As our heroes where heading out, they were stopped by Merlo, who was confused, because he thought they had already been to Karak Tôr and come back. While they were away, he had been approached by two orc clowns known as Oggo and Boggo from The Circus of Wonders, and he had told them our heroes left for Karak Tôr.

After leaving Springdale, our heroes suddenly realize there is another person in the middle of them. A young boy clad in green, calling himself Pinecone. He seems to know a lot about our heroes, including stuff nobody else knows, or they even know themselves.

Everyone is unnerved by this boy, and they grow even more suspicious when he wants their help. He claims to be the Green Dragon, the guardian of nature. But he says he’s stuck in this boy body because the head of the previous Green Dragon is still kept as a trophy somewhere in Karak Tôr, preventing his full reincarnation.

He promises them rewards and help in return, but he is vague about what. And then he disappears before they get answers to all their questions.


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