Cloudgazer City

The wonderous floating city! Cloudgazer is a sight to behold. If you’re lucky, you just might spot it on the horizon, before it ascends up into the sky, disguised by the clouds it is built on. If you do, you would see buildings in glass and steel and polished copper, reflecting the sun. You might even see some of the Soaring Guard, circling around the city on mechanical copters or majestic griffins.

And if you are very, very lucky (or very resourceful), you might be the one-in-one-thousand that get access to the city itself! Then you would get to see the towering steel and glass buildings up close, and see them filled with nobles and their staff. You would see the streets and many markets filled with people. Most of them dwarfs, but also elves, half-elves, halflings, magical hybrids, and the occasional human. You would see the Steel Palace at the center, where the governors of the city go about their business. on top of it you would see the glass dome on top of the navigation tower, where experts are constantly calculating every little detail, and relaying messages to the bowels of the city, where the machinery is.

You might stumble into the… shoddier parts of town, where the houses are simpler, the streets are uneven, and the people are less welcoming. But don’t worry! Those are just the crew that run the city, and the Soaring Guard deals swiftly and harshly with any crime on Cloudgazer City. They throw anyone disturbing the peace off the city. And if they’re lucky, they’re on the ground when it happens!

Diamond Dogs and the crash-landing

The Diamond Dogs managed to get into the city while it was on its annual landing for supplies and trade. While the city was back up in the sky for a show-off, they snuck deep into the city and found what was powering the city wasn’t machinery at all, but the Blue Dragon, kept artifically alive in order to fuel the flight. They disconnected the dragon, and in doing so, crash-landed the city back into the water, permanently.

Cloudgazer City

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