Karak Tôr

Karak Tôr is the great dwarven port city of Horizon. It was started in a natural cave in between two cliffs facing the ocean, and has since been hollowed out to be a massive underground city, and the main trade hub for ships going north to the other islands.

With cliffs and the ocean on one side, and massive gates forged into the cliffs on the land side, Karak Tôr is an easily defendible fort, and was the refuge of many dwarves and other non-humans during The Sundering.

The city is currently ruled by King Lomec Silverbrand the First.

The city is massive, but even so it seems not big enough to maintain every group and every interest, and rumors have it that the ruling class are engaged in heavy political play with each other. This in turn is causing unrest among the traders, the local church, and the workers.

Notable places:
Free-Lancers Guild
The docks and its market
The Castle
Villa Runebrand
The Mines of Karak Tôr
The Temple of the Matron

Karak Tôr

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