The 8 Dragons

The legends state that there are always 8 dragons in the dawn isles. No more, no less. When one is slain, a new one rises from the ashes.

The eight colors are such:

-Gold, the Dragon of Life
-Green, the Dragon of Nature
-White, the Dragon of Light
-Bronze, the Dragon of Knowledge
-Blue, the Dragon of Tempest
-Silver, the Dragon of Illusion
-Red, the Dragon of Chaos
-Black, the Dragon of Death

The calendar of the Isles is based on the dragons. The year has eight months, starting with Golden Month, and ends in Blackmonth. Each month has 30 days.

Almost no one will see the magnificent dragons with their own eyes, and there can be lifetimes between each sighting or rumor. But everyone knows they are out there somewhere.

The last confirmed sighting was during the war, when several dragons came to stand with the wizards. One of the last big battles involved the slaying of the green dragon.

The Diamond Dogs have gotten a mission from the Green dragon: To make sure all the dragons are reborn, like the world has been. In order to do so, they’ve gotten some clues from the Crone, a seer-witch in Boghub:

  • One silently screams, high above the clouds. [Cloudgazer?]
  • One now feels unsafe, and is travelling towards comfort.
  • One is born again, and wants its land to be as well. [Green/Blossom]
  • One is condemning the sinners in the city of gold. [Glitterdeep?]
  • One knows almost all, yet always seeks more. [Librarium?]
  • One uses its robed servants to sate its hunger. [The monestary?]
  • One wanders the dead land, yet it thrives. [Dragon’s Jaw?]
  • The Silver Dragon is hidden, even from the far-reaching eye of the Crone.

The 8 Dragons

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