The Dawn Isles

Old Friends Return
Hey! Remember that time I charmed you? Good times.

After recovingering from their dreadful spider experience, the Diamond Dogs continue towards the cart to slay a basilisk.

On their way, they see through the fog a familiar sight: A pack of Boglins, lead by a larger one with a crocodile skull for a helmet, all guarding a bridge.
Isaac, unaware that he used a spell to charm him the last time, immediately casts the same spell again, charming their boss yet again. They have a polite conversation, but this time his cronies are onto it, and fire an arrow straight into Isaac.

A melee ensues, where Wance uses his new magic javelin to great effect, taking out three goblins in one fell blow. Isaac takes a couple of heavy hits from the hubboglin boss, but they manage to catch him as he tries to run away as the lone survivor.

Shaking him down, they find a nice stash of gold, as well as a ring. They interrogate him about the monkey they’re seeking, but he says little of value. Eventually, they let him go, defeated soundly.

They go back on the trail, eventually finding the left-overs from the discarded wagon. They track through the swamp for the attackers, finding a hill in the fog, where Konstrukts keen eyes spot some lizard-like creatures moving around on top…


After dealing with the zombie ambush, the Diamond Dogs finish escorting Lassiter Cliffstead and his stone bodyguard to Boghub. They bring them both to Bellatrix, the fashion witch that sent them out to find them in the first place.

She talks to Lassiter and examines the Dragonborn sellsword, and determine that a basilisk was the monster that petrified him. It was apparently the pet of some sort of lizardmen or troglodytes that attacked the wagon.

They talk to Conrad, the alchemist. He can make a salve to rescue the mercenary, but he’ll need parts from a basilisk to do it.

Next stop is Arianella, to find out how to defeat a basilisk. She explains that the petrifying gaze works with mutual eye contact, so they need guard their eyes. She also said she heard a story about a hero that used a mirror to trick the basilisk into turning itself into stone.

The next morning, they prepare to find the basilisk, the missing wool, and maybe a barb-tailed swamp monkey at the same time. At breakfast, they see what looks to be a fellow adventurer, eating breakfast while studying a scroll, referencing one book and making notes in the other.

He introduces himself as Seeker Hastings, from the Librarium. He has traveled here to research a sunken temple to Ulena, goddess of the moon, hoping to find valuable books or artifacts. He found the temple, but he was attacked by a two-headed snake at the entrance, getting poisoned. He has been helped here, but for a true antidote, Conrad will need the blood of the swamp monkey.

After that, they head out back down south. On the way back to where they found the cart, spiders suddenly started swarming out of the trees. The Dogs suffered through a long, drawn out, fight, but eventually triumphed by cleverly using torches. But not before they managed to take down Wance.

They settled down to rest, having stabilized Wance, and recover.

Ambushes and Curses
The Hexed, The Pertified and The Undead

Jaqueline, the Witch Doctor of Boghub, has shown a keen interest in Garûk. So keen in fact, she wanted to trade her vote in the Coven in order to properly examine his unique curse.

She laid him down on a table, and went to work making a ritual. Soon Garûk drifted off, eventually staring straight into the face of a middle-aged woman with jet-black hair and a crimson hood draped over her head.

Jaqueline saw her too, and realized this was powerful blood magic. She has now started researching his particular curse, trying to find a way to undo it that doesn’t involve the blood it was made from. She gave him a prescription for a potion that will silence the voices for a time, with 5 uses.

After that, they headed out to search for the missing cart of wool that Bellatrix is missing. They head down the road south-west of Boghub, where it was supposed to come from. They trek through the swamp, not encountering much of note, before seeing a still figure up ahead.

They approach carefully, discovering that it’s a stone statue of a dragonborn warrior, mid-sword swing. Next to him is a cart with a broken wheel, and ripped-open packs of unprocessed wool.

Looking around, they find a scared halfling sheep farmer named Lassiter Cliffstead hiding in a tree trunk. He was attacked by “swamp lizard monsters”, and hid here, while his mercenary guard fought them, but got turned to stone. They took off with some of the wool, his food, and his horse.

After a few unsuccessful tries at repairing the cart, they instead fashion a trolley/wheelbarrow of the remaining parts, to drag the petrified sellsword back to town.

On the way there, they were ambushed by a towering ogre zombie and it’s lackeys. But Wance stopped it in it’s track, letting his friends pick off the lesser zombies in style, before they all consentrated their blows on the hulking mass of dead flesh, disolving it in acid.

Shopping in Boghub
Snake charming, fashion advice and monkey business

After spending the night in The Hub, the Diamond Dogs awake to seek out the witches of the Coven, in order to get permission to see The Crone. They need a majority vote at the next meeting, 11 days from now.

While having breakfast, they were approached by Madame Hekla, boss of The Hub. She doesn’t have any quests for them, but would instead like to observe them and see if they are good for the city.

They then went to Familiar Familiars, the local animal store. It’s run by Arianella, a soft-spoken Drider. Shou ended up buying a rattlesnake, with a tether spell on it. When asked about her vote, she said she’ll give it in exchange for them capturing a rare animal and give it to her; The Barb-Tailed Swamp Monkey.

They went to the general store, Savoy’s Magasin and got a net, then continued to The AlcheWitch. There they found Conrad, dressed in very stereotypical witch attire, who got VERY offended when they assumed he was a woman, just because he was a witch.
Conrad also wants the Barb-Tailed Swamp Monkey, because he needs the blood for a special potion, a cure for a poison-afflicted traveler.

Then they crossed the street to Magnifique, where Bellatrix gave them a thourough review of their various fashion choices. She also sold a red cape to Konstrukt, emblazoned with the DD symbol. She asked them to find a missing shipment of wool that was on the way to her from a halfling farmer in the south.

Finally, they went to The Gingerbread House, the bakery run by Claudette. She told them that she would vote for them anyways, but that they should talk to the local voodoo witch (and her wife) Jaqueline. They were led through the back to Jaqueline’s place, where she showed an interest in Garûks curse. She agree to give them her vote if she got to examine him.

Zombies and Goblins and Witches and Jazz
Getting to know The Hub

After their trek through the treacherous marshlands, the Diamond Dogs finally arrive in Boghub, and to the tavern there, The Hub.

The tavern is very lively, with music, gambling, drinking, dancing and other more-or-less debaucherous activities. Behind the counter there’s a row of zombies, serving drinks and making jokes at the patrons. This, of course, unnerves Wance, sworn enemy of the undead.

He cautiously approaches the closest one, that greets him and takes his drink orders. A brief, tense conversation reveals that they aren’t malicious, kept under control of Madame Hekla, the proprietor of the tavern.

Madame Hekla, he says, is one of the 7 witches that run Boghub. The Dogs aren’t the first to come asking for a prophecy from the witches, so he explains the deal:
The witches meet convene every full moon, and one of the things they discuss is if anyone is allowed to see The Crone, and get a vision. So they will need to convince the majority of the Coven that they are worthy of receiving such a gift.

He asks if they want to check into some rooms, but Wance is uncomfortable sleeping in a zombie den, so he tries to find somewhere else to sleep, but for naught. He returns to The Hub and checks in with the rest.

March through the Marshes

The Green Dragon set the Diamond Dogs down at the edge of the Marshlands, explaining that she can’t go further because of the cursed nature of the lands. She had long been at odds with the witches here, but eventually settled into an uneasy understanding where they kept their influence to their area.
Of course, in the nature dragon’s absence, the marshes have grown considerably bigger and more dangerous. She wants to deal with this, but first she has to make sure her home forests are pure and safe, and she needs to grow back to full strength. She then took off back north.

After a quick discussion, the heroes decide that they would take the risk and hurry through the marshes in order to make it to Boghub before dark, rather than going more carefully, and spending a night there.

They move quickly along the road, going deeper and deeper into the marsh. Soon, the sun disappears behind grey clouds and thick forest, and the environment gets more and more wet and unfriendly. Garûk and Wance both feel death all around them.

After a while, they come to a bridge over a river. It’s guarded by a group of pale, smooth-skinned goblins with long ears. Their leader waves them forward, and Isaac and Wance approaches.

He asks them for 20 gold per person in toll, but Isaac (unwittingly) casts Charm Person, and manages to get by with only 1 gold piece each. He pays the toll, and the goblins let them pass happily.

After further travel, everyone suddenly realises that they’re alone, off the path, in a dense grey fog. They call out for each other, but can only hear faint noises, impossible to pinpoint.

Konstrukt finds back to the path first, and manages to find Isaac due to his magical light spell. Shou also finds the path, and together they device a use for Shous magical rope, using it to fish through the fog, leading Wance to them. Garûk gets more lost, wading into the swamp, but manages to use the Green Dragon’s magical tattoo to guide him back to his friends.

After a long trek, and watching the darkness fall around them, they finally see Boghub in the distance. They wander through the empty town, and walk into the lively tavern, simply called The Hub.

Resurrection and a New Quest
How To Grow Your Dragon

After the Diamond Dogs destroyed the dragon’s head the got from Corinne, flowers appeared on the ground, and a wind picked up. Then, they noticed two shadows skulking behind them.

As they drew nearer, big vines started growing in a circle around our heroes. The shadows, now clear as the orc brothers from the Circus of Wonders, start sprinting, but a quick dart from Shou makes sure they don’t make it into the ring.

After the vines close them in, a huge flower starts growing in the center. When the petals peel out, a woman with red hair and in green clothes stands there, looking at them with the same deep stare as Pinecone had.

She explains that she is indeed the Green Dragon, now fully reborn rather than stuck in a childish form. Then she transforms to her true dragon form, a mighty dragon with deep green scales, moss growing in corners, and might buck horns sticking out from it’s head.

The heroes climb up, and the dragon takes flight, soaring over the forests to a huge oak tree, with an enourmous nest in it’s crown. There she lands, and lets them eat and rest for the night. The dragon also tells them that they need the help of the Diamond Dogs to make sure the other 7 dragons are reborn, one way or another.

The next morning, she flies them towards the Marshlands in the south-east, where the heroes will seek guidance from the witch coven of Boghub.

Resolution! Shaking things up in Karak Tôr
The council unseated and the dragon's head recovered

After catching up to, and catching, Hanaril, the Diamond Dogs brought him to the city guard. Ironblood interrogated him, and got him to confess to the entire assassination plot!

He claimed sole responsibility, saying it was because he secretly has hated dwarfs ever since he was a prisoner.

Olivia Hornwick and Captain Undin of the Royal Guard were both sceptical, suspecting he was working on behalf of the council themselves. Unfortunately they didn’t have any evidence, and due to the very public arrest of Hanaril, they would have to launch a big investigation now, or risk evidence being destroyed.

The king looked to the Dogs, and they asserted to him that suspending the council members for a full investigation was the way to go. Ironblood sprung into action, and took his best men to the castle to detain the council members and secure evidence.

Olivia thanked the Dogs for all their help with this case, and gave them a feather shaped like a dagger. She told them to give it to someone in-the-know in a major city, and they would get help from The Daggers.

Afterwards, they headed up to King Olmek, who had some rewards for their service (as is the custom in all the adventures he reads).

  • For Isaac: Ornate Tinkerer’s Tools
  • For Garûk: The Rushield
  • For Wance: The Lightning Bolt
  • For Konstrukt: A Bag of Holding
  • For Shou: A Rope of Climbing

The King asked them for advice for who should serve on the interrim council during the investigation. The Dogs suggested Agnes Thunderblade, who had already had a fruitful meeting with the king, as well as Captain Ironblood.

After saying goodbye to the King, they went to the cathedral of Duvané, to give Corinne and Agnes the good news. They seemed very happy, and Corinne finally awarded you with the Green Dragon’s head that was hanging in her office.

Our heroes took the head out of the city and into a clearing in the nearby woods, set it on the ground, and used one of Pinecone’s vine grenades to destroy it. Immediately, a breeze picked up, and flowers sprung from the spot.

And then, the heroes noticed two figures sneaking through the woods behind them…

A Chase! Catching the assassin
The hazardous streets of Karak Tôr

Wance had fallen in battle, but came face to face with his god, Eron. Eron expressed some disappointment in him, but encouraged him to embrace the good he sees in him. He then sends him back to life.

After dealing with the Emerald Style in…. style, the Diamond Dogs tie up the surviving members. As they are doing so, the main doors open, revealing Olivia Hornwick, with a tied-up guard over her shoulders, knife in hand. She greets them, and the Dogs recognize the guard as the same one that lured them in here.

Olivia tells them she was on her way to meet Hanaril, and that she’ll take care of the prisoners if they chase after him.

They take off, Shou and Konstrukt in front, and find the would-be assassin skulking around the alleyways. He turns and flees from them, leading to a chase down the streets.

An eventful chase ensues, with panes of glass, carts of apples, haywire robots and unfortunate guards. Eventually, Shou manages to overtake him, slash at his legs, and subduing him with a kick. It ends with Hanaril unwittingly tripping a dwarf carrying a bucket of manure, giving him the Full Biff.

Rumble in the Warehouse
The Emerald Style ground to dust

The taskforce made up of the Diamond Dogs, Olivia Hornwick of The Daggers, Captain Ironblood and Captain Undin have all gathered to ponder how to deal with Hanaril, the man behind the assassination plot.

After a long silence and deep thought, they decide to continue investigating the guards, trying to root out who is working for him.

The Dogs are free to go, so they decide to check in on Corinne. On the way there they are stopped by a city guard, who tells them the Captain has discovered something. She leads them into a warehouse, only to shut the door behind them.

Inside, the Emerald Style are waiting for them, saying they’ve been paid good money to kill them here. The Diamond Dogs quickly spring into action, jumping between stacks of crates while battling these douchy Free-Lancers.

Their leader, Curtis Tanner, quickly gets dispatched by Wance using one of the Vine Grenades given by Pinecone, leaving only a puddle of blood and a cowboy hat.

Shou faces off with Wynn, the halfling barbarian, deftly dodging swipe after swipe of her greataxe, before delivering a flurry of slashes and blows, knocking her out (and across the room).

Konstrukt sneaks around the back of the enemy group, filling them with arrows and then closing in to slash them with his rapier.

Isaac faces off in a magic battle against Armand Thoran, the warlock puppet-man. Armands spells cause trouble for the whole group, but a well placed chromatic orb and witch bolt quickly cut him down to size, before finishing him off with his classic bonfire.
He also managed to topple a pile of crates on a wounded Jackifer Guildoré, knocking him out.

Garûk gets constricted early in the fight, by stone spikes summoned by Granite, and a nasty sleep spell from Armand. When he gets back up he makes a tremendous leap from a pile of crates, before scurrying up the ladder and chasing down a terrified Granite, taking a stone chunk out of him and forcing him to surrender.


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