The Dawn Isles

Meeting the Old Lord and the Young King

Big places and friendly faces

Today the Diamond Dogs went to the Runebrand villa in Karak Tôr. They met Lord Orlowe Runebrand III, and his other sons, Pirlowe, Derlowe and Orry.

They had a splendid meal, and learned more about the Runebrands history, and listened to a story about the Green Dragon. They also learned about the king of Karak Tôr, his council, and the rival clan of the SIlverbrands and Runebrands; The Flints.

Furthermore, they found out that there’s a Kingsday in two days, where King Lomec Silverbrand I will appear in a parade and speak at the square, for his first time at a “respectable” age.

Afterwards, Pirlowe guides them in to the castle itself, and the DDs saw the council:

-Lord Daredun Silverbrand, Council of Mining & Culture

-Dame Nalya Silverbrand, Council of Import, Export & Support

-Lord Kober Oakhide-Silverbrand, Council of Law & War

-Dame Brey," The Silver Mask", Council of Interior Affairs

Pirlowe introduced them to Lord Kober, who will help them access the castle archives. On their way, the ran into King Lomec himself in the royal gardens, who was very excited to meet some real life adventurers.


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