The Dawn Isles

Shopping in Boghub

Snake charming, fashion advice and monkey business

After spending the night in The Hub, the Diamond Dogs awake to seek out the witches of the Coven, in order to get permission to see The Crone. They need a majority vote at the next meeting, 11 days from now.

While having breakfast, they were approached by Madame Hekla, boss of The Hub. She doesn’t have any quests for them, but would instead like to observe them and see if they are good for the city.

They then went to Familiar Familiars, the local animal store. It’s run by Arianella, a soft-spoken Drider. Shou ended up buying a rattlesnake, with a tether spell on it. When asked about her vote, she said she’ll give it in exchange for them capturing a rare animal and give it to her; The Barb-Tailed Swamp Monkey.

They went to the general store, Savoy’s Magasin and got a net, then continued to The AlcheWitch. There they found Conrad, dressed in very stereotypical witch attire, who got VERY offended when they assumed he was a woman, just because he was a witch.
Conrad also wants the Barb-Tailed Swamp Monkey, because he needs the blood for a special potion, a cure for a poison-afflicted traveler.

Then they crossed the street to Magnifique, where Bellatrix gave them a thourough review of their various fashion choices. She also sold a red cape to Konstrukt, emblazoned with the DD symbol. She asked them to find a missing shipment of wool that was on the way to her from a halfling farmer in the south.

Finally, they went to The Gingerbread House, the bakery run by Claudette. She told them that she would vote for them anyways, but that they should talk to the local voodoo witch (and her wife) Jaqueline. They were led through the back to Jaqueline’s place, where she showed an interest in GarĂ»ks curse. She agree to give them her vote if she got to examine him.


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