Zoltan Istvan


The Wizard that presumably built and animated Konstrukt.

He lived in a tower in the middle of a lake in the Dragon’s Jaw. Konstrukt found an old book in the archives Karak Tôr, listing him as “whereabouts unknown”.

In Boghub, Konstrukt found this story:

“How Captain Maya, The Clever got her flying ship”

One time, Captain Maya, The Clever was hired to get a shipment from The Wizard of The Wind to the Wizard in the Lake, but the Fjord Mage forbade their passage. Captain Maya fooled the Fjord Mage into letting them pass in exchange for part of the shipment, but she switched it with a box of her undergarments.
When Mage found out, he threw a terrible tidal wave at their ship. But Maya had forseen this, and the wave threw her ship straight out of the sea and into the lake that was their destination.
Grateful to receive the shipment, the Wizard in the Lake paid handsomely, and showed them what was in the box: A magical balloon that, with some tinkering from him, would be able to lift any object up into the air and fly it.
Captain Maya was quick to respond. She announced to the Wizard; “Surely, it can’t lift anything?”
The Wizard got flustered and prideful. “Of course, anything!” It is his design after all.
“Prove it!” Asked the Captain. “Raise your tower!”
“Nay,” said the Wizard. “My tower must stand where it stands. But I shall lift your entire ship, including cargo and crew!”
The Wizard mounted the magical contraption on to the mast, and lo, the ship soared into the air. And so Captain Maya waved goodbye to the now-furious Wizard, soaring through the sky on her new flying ship.


Zoltan Istvan

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